A few words about our company

KGS specializes in the application of powder coat paints, which are environmentally friendly. Founded in early 2000, KGS has been offering a high quality service for more than 10 years.

KGS is situated in the industrial park of Chambly, on the south shore of Montreal, which is at a 20 min proximity of the bridges and close to several highways.

Being constantly in tune with our clientele, we have succeeded in serving them with the greatest respect in order to answer their merest demands. Our personalized, courteous and rapid service has permitted us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Our quality and customer service are an integral part of our company’s culture. Furthermore, KGS has surrounded itself with qualified and attentive personnel, this permitting us to answer all of our clients’ demands. Our expertise in the industrial manufacturing field has permitted us to gain a unique way of operating. KGS wants to be flexible and understanding to urgent demands. Thanks to our values and dynamic team we will be able to help you realize any project you may have.

Our determination to answer your needs rapidly, will permit you to distinguish yourselves for your clients and therefore satisfy them at every level. A partnership with our company will allow you to respect all delays required and even at times, to get ahead.

Our continuous enhancement of our procedures allows us to obtain better economic and qualitative performances. Therefore, the inspection according to your standards is assured to be met.

our team

When it comes to the production as much as the human relations, the sturdiness and positive attitude of our team plays an important part for our company. Continuous education and improvement of our team as well as the transmission of our organizational values permits us to work in a unified manner and enables us to attain efficient management at every level.