An upstanding offer to facilitate the process in which you have your products coated.

Our team has the ability to adapt itself to any sector of activity. To deal with KGS, is to benefit advice from a team of experts who will accompany and guide you in a personal matter for your needs concerning the coating of your products.

Thanks to our dynamic team and action reaction manner, it is possible for KGS to achieve its objectives. Our expertise and strong collaboration permits us to attain very high quality standards. Incidentally, we are constantly in the process of improvement. This structure offers the capacity of a large volume of production endowed with a 360 degree of flexibility!

Did you know?

The powder we use is environmentally friendly and no solvents need to be used in the process.

Less dangerous polluting matters and very few volatile organic matter are produced in our process.

Business relation

Our efforts concentrate on being able to offer you the best service according to your specifications and needs while respecting the industry’s standards. We are aiming for a long term partnership with our clients, not only as a subcontractor, but foremost, as an advisor to answer all your needs in powder coating.

A subcontractor’s reliable service, adapted to the realistic needs of today’s manufacturing industry.