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KGS specializes in powder coating (heat hardening) on all metal parts that are resistant to temperatures of 400 OC.
The heat hardening procedure is very clean and solvent free which reduces all forms of environmental contamination.


Cleaning and sandblasting

In preparing your parts, a three step automated cleaning system is used in order to provide an adequate adhesion, and sanding. We also offer to paint strip the parts that are more fragile.


Powder Paint Coating
Our industrial powder coating procedures assures a quality finish and uniformity of the paint applied. It also provides a strong resistance to all climate changes, corrosion and impacts, and therefore provides better durability.

Quality Control

Quality, efficiency and rapidity

A quality control is carried out at every stage of our production in order to respect your standards such as the thickness required and luster requested so we can therefore deliver you a product that meets all of your expectancies.


Stock management of painted parts
KGS specializes also in stocking and managing your parts once they are painted. We will take on the responsibility to deliver to your clients the parts that they need according to their production schedule.